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Techno-Boxe is a real Boxing Club and non-contact fitness center. Established 21 years ago by former Canadian champion Alain Boismenu, it offers you the opportunity to follow the complete and rigorous training program of a boxer in a safe, friendly and dynamic environment.


Complete non-contact boxer training


Training whenever you want and in the comfort of your home.


Come train live and live an interactive experience with Techno-Boxe.


Our concept aims at obtaining and maintaining physical fitness, personal achievement, self-confidence

Our Services


We offer you the same concept as in our regular indoor classes in the comfort of your living room. 


Let yourself be carried away by the atmosphere, the music and its variations in rhythm. 

Our qualified athletic trainers will guide you through the various types of training, either individually or in groups, thanks to our specialized programs.


The Techno-Boxe concept

During all these years of training in boxing gyms, Alain observed that only students who wanted to box were followed by the trainers.  That's when Alain developed a training program designed specifically for those who don't want to fight, but who still want to practice this wonderful sport.

He develops a structured training program that includes all the boxer's exercises: the dance rope, the sandbag, the speed ball, the push-ups, the sit-ups, and all the rest. And to add to the innovation, Alain will use techno music which, by its speed and rhythm, will determine the intensity of the workouts.

Our Satisfied Customers!

"Techno-Boxe has been part of my life for 16 years now. I've been going 3 times a week and it's always a renewed pleasure. The training sessions are varied, the atmosphere is friendly, you meet people of all ages and all backgrounds. You are never too old. At 58, I have never been in better shape. I recommend this training without hesitation, regardless of your current physical condition."
Sandra L
Member since 2005
"Alain Boismenu and the Techno-Boxe team are passionate, motivated and motivating people. The training sessions are always different, the challenges are stimulating. What I lost in weight, I gained in confidence and determination! Thank you Techno-Boxe!"
Brigitte B
Member since 2019
"At the beginning of my retirement, I signed up at Techno-Boxe to get in shape and move. 4 months later, I was already feeling great. I lost weight, my bad cholesterol went down and the good one went up. Every workout is a challenge against myself. 1 hour of focus, overcoming and personal pride!"
Pierre P
Member since 2019
"In February 2002, I joined Techno-Boxe for the first time. Today, almost 20 years later, I am still passionate about the classes, the atmosphere, and the great training. I have made friends, I have sweated sorrows, I have been pregnant up to my ears, I have often laughed a lot, rain or shine. I sometimes stopped for different reasons, but I always came back. Thank you Alain, you really make this fantastic difference!"
Johanne L
Member since 2002



Profitez dès aujourd’hui de notre spécial ‘Session Intensive’

4 Semaines niveau Débutant/Intermédiaire.

99$ taxes incluses.

À partir du 26 Juin. Lundi et Mercredi 18h.

À partir du 20 juin . Mardi et Jeudi 10h30

Vous aurez un 3e cours optionnel dès la 3e semaine soit le vendredi 18h ou samedi 08h.

Vous aurez besoin d’avoir une corde a sauter, des bandages et des gants de sac. Le tout peut être acheté sur place.

Techno-Boxe! Pour une santé qui a du Punch!


L'offre prend fin le 2023-06-30